Laurent Michel Tremblay

Born in Shawinigan in 1969, LMT found itself on the outskirts of Montreal after the 1976 Olympics. He draws everything from school books, lockers and standpipes to finally start of his young career with posters of shows and music. A long stay in college took him to the university and then landed at the National Theater School of Canada, where he met artistic rigor and collaborative work.

LMT learns the rudiments of the craft in the decoration workshops. He realizes scenic painting, accessories and carpentry. His practice in exhibition design took off in 2001 with his first project: Le StudiO at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.


The scenography
LMT now contributes to exhibition projects by imagining experiences of visits anchored in a narrative space with a rich power of seduction and conviction.

All the museographic means are put to contribution to highlight the content: graphics, multimedia, technologies, interactivity, lighting. His scenographic thinking envelops the project in an artistic and conceptual unit.


Artistic direction
In order to create a structured, unified and impressive experience, LMT has an influence on all aspects of the exhibition project. He uses the talents of the team members to create a unique project in harmony with the values of the institution.


Services (in whole or in part)
Artistic direction: graphics, multimedia, technologies, lighting
Scenography + exhibition design
Design of mechanical + digital interactive
Project management: team, calendar, budget
Plans + estimates + follow-up of workshop and installation