Exhibit design workshop

I recently gave training on exhibition design overseen by the Société des Musées du Québec (SMQ).

Structured around three practical workshops presenting the three key stages of the design process, training enabled participants to create their own design.

Step 1- Preliminary studies
Step 2- Preliminary Concept
Step 3- Final Concept

The teams were given a scenario, a list of artifacts + iconography and texts of one of the three areas of the exhibition 'Roots of the Sea' that I made in 2013 for the the Musée Maritime du Québec of Quebec. I eliminated all the technological tools will offer participants a large whiteboard with dry pencils, paper and scissors. The goal is to get back to basics, which is to construct a narrative space in relation to the content.

Between workshops, I introduced the additional steps in the design process and the issues associated with them.

We also discussed the concepts central to the profession of designer:

  • Creation of a multidisciplinary team (graphic designer, lighting, multimedia, etc) and the role that the designer has with his team.
  • Develop a narrative and performance space
  • The museum means to enhance the content
  • The range of designer tools
  • Fees, budgets and schedules

Here you will find here the detailed version of the training.

The training was complete, we had to turn many people. But stay tuned, because the SMQ will renew the experience next year!