Cipher / Decipher

What is your secret?

Since the existence of secret information, individuals and organizations have encrypted messages and analyzed encrypted communications.

From schoolyard gossip to military plans, encryption aims to keep secrets from falling into unintended hands. Encrypt | Deciphering explores the past and present of communications cryptology. Created by the Canada Science and Technology Museum in partnership with the Communications Security Establishment, this traveling exhibit features an authentic Enigma machine as well as interactive experiences related to cryptology and cybersecurity.

Cipher | Decipher
Canada Science and Technology Museum, 2018
Project manager: TKNL

Travelling exhibit
Creative direction, exhibit design, interactivity

1000 pi2

Creative direction + design: LM Tremblay scenographe
Project manager: TKNL
Research, script and writing : CSTM
Graphic design: Philippe Legris
Programming: Jean-Maxime Couillard
Technological integration: TKNL
Lighting: TKNL
Manufacturing and installation: Atelier La Boutique
Photography: Bruno Larue