Explosion 67

In 67 everything was beautiful.
It was the year of love.
It was the year of the Expo!

The exhibition presents a portrait of the time through the experiences and "first times" of adolescents and young adults at the Montreal World's Fair and in the more eventful years that followed.

Thanks to testimonies often tinged with humor and to visual and sound archives of this pivotal period, we relive a metropolis and a Quebec society in full effervescence, in immersive settings and a surprising digital, graphic and audiovisual environment.

Explosion 67
Centre d’histoire de Montréal, 2017
Project manager: Halo Création

Temporary exhibition
Exhibit design

2500 pi2

Exhibit design: LM Tremblay scenographeProject manager: Halo Creation
Research, script and writing : Halo Creation
Graphic design Halo Création
Manufacturing and installation: Atelier La Boutique + Quatro Design