Mysteries beneath the waves

There is a treasure hiding in the river!

Even today, 90% of the marine environment remains unknown to humans. The St. Lawrence River and its estuary seem familiar and constant to us, but this is far from reality! Treasures are hidden under the waves ...

The exhibition presents the state of play on 4 fields of scientific knowledge.

1. Oceanography
2. Marine biotechnologies
3. Fisheries and mariculture
4. Stakes

Mistery beneath the waves

Travelling exhibit
Creative director, scenography, interactivity

1500 pi2

Scenography + design : LM Tremblay scenography
Creative + project director: LM Tremblay scenography
Research, script and writing: Exploramer
Graphic design: Audace marketing
Programmation + intégration : CEDRIN
Manufacturing and installation: Acmé décors + Atelier Ébénisterie du Bic