Prototype an interactive branch

Developing a connected object on an external site was quite a challenge! Echo of origins project revolves around a 'living' branch that guides us through the forest. She is our only source of light in the nocturnal forest!

The branch accompanies us on a course of 1.8 km. It allows us to interact with the thematic stations found there. At each stop, the branches of the group must touch each other to begin the experience. Through them, the main character of the experience, Le Grand Pic, tells us about the richness of biodiversity. The branch vibrates according to the actions we take and deploys a range of colors to help us complete the missions.

But to achieve its finality, we went through several stages of sketching and prototyping. This connected object is the result of the involvement of an incredible multidisciplinary team!

Here are some pictures which briefly present the development of the branch.

ConceptConcept of the connected object

EsquissePreliminary sketch to capture intentions

Esquisse 2Preliminary sketch to start development

SculptureSculpture of the object to assess its ergonomics

PrototypagePrototyping with different materials

ContexteThe object is finished. Visitors are explained how the branch works before the start of the forest experience.


The branch in action in the forest

Branche en actionsite

Design of the interactive branch

Design : LM Tremblay + Martin Bernier, Halo création
Prototype sculpture: Rémi Bergeron, Acmé décors
System and software development: Simon Lepage + Éric Poirier, Kursr
Industrial design: Louis-Simon Malo, Tangible innovation
Production manager: Cynthia Bilodeau Roy, Halo création
Producer: Yanik Daunais, Halo création